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Brand Product Detail 7-day hire Pic
Proforce Superlite Multimat Temperature Rating: 5°F to 130°F (-15°C to 55°C)495 g. The Superlite is one of the lightest and most compact options using the very latest in ultra light materials, meeting the highest standards for quality and reliability. $10.00  multimat superlite
Thermarest Guide Lite 920g, 38mm Thick, Length 1830mm, Width 510mm. Self inflating. $15.00  Thermarest
Exped Downmat UL 7 M 565 g, Temperature Rating of -24ºC / -11°F, 70mm Thick, Length 1830mm, Width 520mm. Included pump sack. (Mat cover included – extra 200g) $20.00  Exped Mat
Exped Downmat UL 7 LW 750 g, Temperature Rating of -24°C / -11°F, 70mm Thick, Length 1970mm, Width 650mm. Included pump sack. $20.00  Exped Mat
Exped Downmat7 M  855 g, Temperature Rating of -24°C / -11°F, 70mm Thick, Length 1830mm, Width 520mm. Integrated pump. $20.00  EXP32205380
Diamantina Padded Double Bunk Set Easy to set up, can be used as a double bunk or two single stretcher beds.Hammertone steel frame finish. Strong enough to hold adults as well as children. Double layer of fabric with foam mattress insert between the layers for extra comfort – no need for anything more except a sleeping bag. Includes pillows and carry bag, safety rails, and can be made into two single beds. $10.00 DiamantinaPaddedDoubleBunkSet
Phil & Teds Lightweight Portacot T2 Travel portacot. Less than 3kg Newborn to 2 years $17.00