Hiking Accessories

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Brand Product Detail 7-day hire Pic
SILVA Expedition 4 Compass Most reliable compass on the market. $5.00  Silva compass
Pacer Walking Poles Lighter, stronger with contoured handles. It’s about Biomechanics – improving posture for better breathing, and maximising walking performance and endurance levels. Yep, and they double as tent poles in the Aarn Pacer 2 Tent. $12.00  Pacer poles
S2S Waterproof map case $2.00  s2s_waterproofmapcase
Black diamond Sprinter Headtorch Light weight, easy to use head torch. Great for kids. $12.00  head torch_sprinter
Ay-up Headtorch The lightest and brightest head torch with rechargeable batteries. Perfect for night-time adventure racing, as you can carry the battery pack in your backpack. $20.00  Ayup headtorch