First Aid & Safety

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Brand Product Detail 7-day hire Pic
Setopress Snake bandage The Setopress Bandage is designed to regulate venous drainage in the instance of snake bite.  It is primarily wider (10cm) and longer (3.5M) than most crepe or elastic bandages and will allow a single bandage to reach the knee or armpit, and two to reach the groin.To regulate the tightness (and therefore effective pressure) the bandage has a continuous series of green and brown rectangles printed along its length. As the bandage is stretched, the green rectangles become squares. Increase the tension, and the brown rectangles become squares.  At this tension lymphatic return is minimised, controlling flow of venom to the body.The brown indicators are the ones you should use for treating a snakebite. $1.50
 – unbranded 2-person emergency bivvy $1.50  Adv bivvy
St Johns Fire blanket $2.50
St Johns Fire extinguisher $2.50
St Johns First aid kit (small) $3.00
Adventure MK First aid kit (lightweight) $4.00
Steripen Water purifier SteriPEN is the world’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet, handheld water purification systems. SteriPEN is fast, lightweight, easy, and effective. It makes safe drinking water without a chemical taste at a small fraction of the cost of bottled water. $10.00  Steripen
GME Personal locator beacon $27.00  GEM PLB
St Johns First aid kit (medium) $5.00
St Johns First aid kit (large) $10.50