About Us

The Support Crew story

This is us. Two people with a vision about connecting with this big beautiful backyard we have. Some call it nature or the wild, we simply call it ‘outdoors’. Getting outside and pitching a tent. Looking up at millions of stars by the light of the campfire.


And then we had kids – four of them. And we expanded our vision to include them in this discovery of the outdoors. Somehow getting outdoors and sharing life with our children became even more important.


Connection. Family. Life. Outdoors.


This is our motivation. Support Crew was born.


Support Crew is a Social Enterprise. At our core is the desire to see families, in whatever form they take, build stronger relationships, personal resilience and character through shared experiences in the outdoors.


Support Crew runs co-ordinated adventures with an emphasis on parent and child participation.  It’s in these moments that parent and child have the opportunity for quality, uninterrupted time together. Leaving the distractions of daily life behind and enjoying being together.


We target certain age milestones: 6 years – I am capable; 8-10 – I am becoming independent; and 12-14 – I am prepared for adulthood.


We hire camping and lightweight adventure gear to make your own adventures affordable and achievable.


Support Crew is more than an adventure and outdoors hire business, we partner with other organisations to create a support network for families with an emphasis on single parent families.


This is who we are. And we can help you discover life outdoors.